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A mess of a personal, multifandom blog by a lolita obsessed with a lot of things. I have a lot of sideblogs, but still this blog is a Creature of Chaos. Also, blue roses.

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My new room in Madrid!

You can see the postcards sent by my dearest friends littlemarquis and thealmightypharaoh in the wall! Also a homestuck drawing by my friend Cholz!

The weapons were all gifts given by people to me because of several stuff I did… I don’t even like katanas very much. I didn’t know what to do with them so I decided to use them for decoration.

Next time I have to write a resume I’m just going to use this picture


My first attempt at making a “fofucha” eva foam kind of doll.

It’s supposed to be Altaïr ibn-la’Ahad for a friend but i had never used this kind of adhesive and fucked up badly D: D: D: 

Álvaro (the person this was for) liked it so I guess it’s not that terrible?? Whatever.

Wait, I’ve just made that cosplay picture positively 500% better

Remember my first year in college when I still believed than double majoring in journalism and audiovisual communication was the tightest shit ever?


"Raoul leaned against a door-post and waited. He did not wait long. A black domino passed and gave a quick squeeze to the tips of his fingers. He understood that it was she and followed her:

"Is that you, Christine?" he asked, between his teeth.


It was a man dressed all in scarlet, with a huge hat and feathers on the top of a wonderful death’s head. From his shoulders hung an immense red-velvet cloak, which trailed along the floor like a king’s train; and on this cloak was embroidered, in gold letters, which every one read and repeated aloud, “Don’t touch me! I am Red Death stalking abroad!”

Shittiest book cosplay ever, but yeah, mostly uploaded to share with the world the cuteness of my best friend, the Phantom of the Opera Álvaro.

This looked great considering we a) put this together for an anime con b) in two days c) people actually recognized us from the book???? 

Also it was cold as fuck.


Have some boards out of my Castlevania cosplays because honestly fuck listening in class and because I don’t really understand what my friend wants in the script im confused.

Once I had to stay in a friend’s house after a toga party. Which meant the only clothing I had was a tunic and a cape.

But the next day they also asked me to go out for lunch and made fun stuff in the afternoon, and I couldn’t go home to change clothes.

So I said “fuck it” and proceeded to walk in the middle of the fucking city dressed as a creative anachronism.

And that, my children, is what college is about.

New glasses for my colletion + today’s outfit.

Without makeup I look like crap


(yeah quailty, those are from 2011)

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